October 29 2021

WinPo Patient Spotlight - Diane Hrychuk

Diane Hrychuk is a long-time patient at WinPo, she is an inspiration to many participating in National and International sporting events when she was younger. As a person with an amputation for over 50 years, Diane has great insight!


When did you become an amputee?

I became an amputee at the age of 15 on October 21, 1963.


What is a challenge(s) you have as an amputee? How do you overcome that challenge(s)?

While challenges come in many different forms and at different ages, adjustments seem the best way to overcome most. For example, if you can't run to make up lost time always be early. One of the hardest adjustments I've had to make is to be limited to flat heeled shoes and that with my type of prosthesis, hip disartic, fancy and light clothes have a very short life span with me.


What are the benefits of having a prosthetic limb as an amputee?

Being slower you almost never have to open the door for somebody! Lol!

I would never give up my prosthesis for crutches or a wheelchair unless I got too old and it was for my safety. Plus, you can still dance!


What is it like being a patient at WinPo?

From day one the people at WinPo have always made my comfort and ability to wear my prosthesis in my daily life their priority.  I have always been very thankful to them for that.


Do you have any advice you would like to give to other amputees?

Be sure to insist on a perfect fitting prosthesis - it is the new you and a part of you. You wouldn't wear clothes or shoes that don't fit or squeak, nor should your prosthesis!  People spend a lot of time working on your prosthesis, you should wear it and not store it in the closet. Sometimes talking to another amputee is very helpful.


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