May 26 2020

Where to Find Inspiration as an Amputee

Whether you are a new amputee or have been one for years it is always great to see other people out there living their life as an amputee or helping people live their life as an amputee. With so much information on the internet today, we thought we would gather up a few resources for you and your family to take a look at.


Kristie Sita


Kristie lost her hand when she was a teenager in a terrible boating accident. Five years later, with her YouTube channel she takes on everyday activities with one hand. She takes a light-hearted approach to tasks such as baking, yoga and boxing. To find out more about Kristie and her single handed pursuit, you can click here.


Footless Jo


Jo made the choice to amputate her foot after 15 years of chronic pain stemming from a serious horse-riding accident. Jo takes you on a journey through her decision-making process, surgery and healing process. Her videos are full of emotions, from triumphs to setbacks and things she wished she would have known before she became an amputee. To explore Jo’s journey, click here.


Isabelle Weall


As a young child, due to an illness, Isabelle became a quadruple amputee. Now as a teenager she has developed her YouTube channel to show people that her amputation is not holding her back. She loves doing her makeup and living life to the fullest. To see what Isabelle has been up to lately, click here.


The Active Amputee


Bjoern Eser started The Active Amputee to create a community for amputees. As an active amputee himself, he knew where to find the resources to share with others. On the blog, you can find an array of stories from trying new things, books and figuring out how to deal with stump pain. To sign up for the newsletter and delve into all of the articles, click here.


Forest Stump


Nicole Ver Kuilen lost her leg at the young age of 10 to bone cancer. In her 16 years of an amputee, she has heard a lot of no’s and for that reason she decided to become a voice for amputees. Nicole set out on an incredible 1500 mile journey down the West Coast in the United States. To find out more about Nicole’s journey and what she is doing to help fellow amputees, click here.


Alba Caceres


Alba is a prosthetist and orthotist located in Spain. Her passion for the industry and what she does really shines through as she posts videos about her process and patients using their prosthesis for everyday tasks like walking. To follow along with Alba, click here.


Heather Mills


Heather Mills became an amputee over 25 years ago coincidentally she had been working with amputees before her own accident happened. When she was struck by a police motorcycle, it made public by the media so she had several amputees reaching out to her. After years of meeting with amputees and counseling them, Heather decided to start an online forum in 2006 and it has been growing since. With over 1,500 registered members, the forum is filled with loads of information for amputees and their families. To become a registered member or to explore the resources, click here.


These resources are a great place to start, online information can be so valuable. It is important to also know the local organizations that support amputees. If you have any further questions, please let us know at your next appointment or give us a call.