May 05 2022

Sajjad Akhtar - Registered Orthotic Technician at Winnipeg Prosthetics and Orthotics

What is your role at Winpo and when did you join the team?


SA: I immigrated to Canada in September 2006 and within two weeks I joined WinPO team as a resident in orthotics. Currently I am working as a registered technician in Orthotics. On my first visit to WinPO I was interviewed in the first hour in the morning and in the 2nd hour, I was an employee and started work on the same day.


What is your favorite part of being a registered Orthotic Technician?


SA: My job is to fabricate and manufacture orthotics, which help the physically challenged people in relieving pain, correct/ prevent deformities and improve their mobility. Bringing improvement in the lives of those who have physical challenges, bring satisfaction to us.


What is the most common orthotic do you see? Why do you think that is?


SA: Lower limb orthotics are more common, as compared to upper limb and spinal orthotics. Lower limbs are more commonly affected by diseases (diabetes, arthritis, neurological disorders, etc) trauma, OR congenital factors.


Are there new technologies coming to orthotics?


SA: Acquiring new technologies is a continuous process in WinPO. We believe in innovation and WinPO invests in education, research, and modren technologies to bring improvement in the lives of our patients.


If you could give a piece of advice to your clients, what would it be?


SA: WinPO is not a business to sell appliances, it is a patient care facility who have solutions to the problems, the solutions which will be judged and measured by our patient/clients.


What can new clients expect at their first couple appointments?


SA: In the consultation/Initial assessment, our clinician discusses in details the patient present problem, past history followed by physical/biomechanical assessment and the orthotics solutions. After that, casting/measurements are taken to start the fabrication process.

Usually in the 2nd visit, an orthosis is fitted and if no major changes are required, the orthosis is dispensed on the same day otherwise (rarely) on the 3rd visit.

A follow up appointment is made after a month to make sure that the required results are satisfactory.


Can orthotics be personalized?


SA: WinPO provides custom made orthoses, made to the patient cast/measurements and where possible more personalized choices are available in colors and designs. As I mentioned that our main focus is the patient treatment/care.


And lastly, what do you like to do when you are not at the clinic?


SA: I am a family person, spend time with my family (wife, son and a daughter). In the summer I like to bike on the riverside and sometimes go camping, usually on the lake side.

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