October 21 2022

Patient Spotlight - Amos Unruh

Amos Unrah has been a person with an amputation for most of his life. He has been a patient at Winpo for the past eight years since he moved to Manitoba. Below he shares some insight about his experience about having an amputation and what it is like to be a patient at Winpo.


Winpo: When did you become an amputee?

AU: I lost my leg in a grain auger farm accident, when I was 2.75 years old.

Winpo: What is a challenge(s) you have as an amputee? How do you overcome that challenge(s)?

AU: One of the main challenges when I was younger, was my socket did not fit good because of my residual limb, and heavy scar tissue. I had a hard time running which is something I have needed to accept again and again! When I was 27, I went for a Trans dermal Osseointegration surgery to avoid the socket which has helped substantially.

Winpo: What are the benefits of having a prosthetic limb as an amputee?
AU: My life and work depend a lot on my mobility. A huge thank you to Eric and his great team for keeping me in motion with top-of-the-line support and product knowledge.

Winpo: What is it like being a patient at WinPo?

AU: Having an understanding heart at WinPo means very much to recent amputees. Keep the great smiles on and be a source of cheerful help and professional expertise which I think WinPo has excelled in.

Winpo: Do you have any advice you would like to give to other amputees?
AU: The best advice for myself and others is except the cards that have been given us. Forgive, let go, move on with what we have now. I give all credit to God and my family for support. It is very important to have both! I think the emotional attachment we have to our limb has been a source of phantom pain. I have dealt with almost no Phantom pain in my life. I credit that to perhaps a really early amputation in my life.

If you have questions or are interested in finding out more about being a patient at Winpo, visit www.winpo.ca or call 204-233-3942.

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