July 28 2022

Golfing with an Amputation

With all of this warm weather it is the perfect time to get out for a round of golf. If you have recently lost a limb, you may believe you are unable to golf but that is not the case. With help from a professional team as well as support from friends and family, golfing is absolutely possible.


It is no secret that finding a physical activity can help a person with an amputation, both mentally and physically. Finding an activity that you like can be a fun way to build muscle without feeling like you are working too hard at it. Along with that, it can help to improve our mental health by spending time outside and spending time with family and friends.


If you are new to golfing with an amputation, you might be looking for some help. A good place to start is consulting with your medical team. Your Prosthetists could help you make the appropriate adjustments to your current prosthesis.  A physical therapist might also be able to help you learn tactics to help adjust and be able to play an optimal game. Another option would be to find someone who has golfing experience with an amputation. They can give you advice about where to find help or can give you tips about how to improve your golf game.


If you are a golfer with a lower extremity prostheses, you may have challenges such as, finding a firm base of support for your golf swing and transferring your weight. To combat that you may consider using a longer or shorter club or a prosthetic foot that has a soft ankle snubber. If you have an upper extremity prostheses, you may need to learn a new swing that could be with one arm or even a back swing. You can also consult your Prosthetist, who can assist you to find adaptive equipment that can help you achieve the golf game you hope for.


If you have any question or would like to start golfing as an amputee, call our clinic at 1-800-661-8777.





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