September 30 2020

Adaptive Clothing and Accessories for Amputees

When you think about all of the new skills a recent amputee has to learn, getting dressed might not be on the top of the list. But it is an important one, it can provide physical independence and comfort. Along with that, it can help with the psychological process of healing.


Adaptive clothing is quiet simply what it sounds like. Clothing that is made especially for people who have different needs because of amputation, physical disabilities or other mobility concerns. Adaptive clothing is available to make the dressing process easier and more comfortable. The clothing may have Velcro or snap closures, open backs, side-opening pants, designs that allow dressing while sitting down or an opening to provide ease of access to a prosthetic or a medical device.


There is a range of clothing and accessories available in North America. This can be anything from pants, shirts or even special seats designed for amputees in wheelchairs. It is important for amputees to have the option to not only find great clothing but great clothing that works for them and makes them feel good.


Shoes pose a different problem for amputees, especially foot and leg amputees. Forced to buy two shoes when you only need one. When you have an upper body limb amputation you may also need shoes that can be put on differently.


When you become an amputee, you may lose some of your independence, especially in the beginning. So, as you go through the rehabilitation process it is important to think about your everyday tasks and how they will be adjusted. No matter what type of amputation you have gone through you will still need to put clothes. Finding clothing that suits your lifestyle and that can easily be put on is so important to the overall process of adjusting to your new life. Once you have found clothing that works for your body type and amputation it can provide independence and a sense of normalcy.


Psychologically, being able to dress yourself every day and feel good in what you are wearing can make a huge difference. Being able to do what use to be a simple task after a life altering surgery can make a big difference in your emotional well-being.


If you are ever feeling like you are not sure where to start or need some guidance on what type of clothing you might need or where to start your physiotherapist and/or your Prosthetist.


Below we have gathered up a list of resources to take a look at to help you find clothing and shoe alternatives after an amputation: